Meet freaky-Deek, a talented sculptor and videographer hailing from the Black Forest region in Germany. He has been showcasing his work in various galleries, exhibitions, and social media platforms as well as two successful Kickstarter campaigns.

Having grown tired of just typing on a keyboard, freaky-Deek decided to dive into his creative passion and start his own business. As a former figurine collector, he wanted to create something truly unique and dynamic. So, he combined his electronics skills with his love for art and crafted sculptures with added features such as lights and sound.

What sets freaky-Deek apart is his commitment. Prepare to be awestruck as you witness his mesmerizing video works unfold before your eyes. No digital trickery here — everything you see is practically captured on camera, showcasing the true artistry of his creations. And with Deek’s exceptional editing and color grading skills, each video becomes a feast for the senses.

In 2022, freaky-Deek embarked on a new journey with the creation of a one-of-a-kind polymer clay cyborg sculpt, known as Project AD-01 – Art Defines Zero One® – a sculpture to emphasize the importance of human made art.

freaky-Deek shares his work with a growing community on X.com and Instagram, and also streams on Twitch and posts to YouTube.
Welcome to the world of freaky-Deek, a videographer and sculptor extraordinaire.

TWEETY sculpture by freaky-Deek 2021

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"I love doing things practically. It gives me a sense of progress."


"His work mainly focuses on the predicament within a more and more artificial world"